5 Reasons to Use a Destination Management Company

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Planning an event is a lot of work. Planning an event in a city that you are unfamiliar with is downright daunting. What venues will be able to accommodate all of your needs? How will your group get around? How are you going to entertain everyone while you’re there? To answer these questions - and the thousands of others you’ll have - you could spend weeks Googling and reading reviews, or you could leave the work to a trusted destination management company (DMC). 

What is a Destination Management Company?

A DMC becomes a local version of you - able to handle all of your group’s meeting or project coordination efforts. A local DMC will know everything there is to know about the destination in which they perform their services. This insight saves you precious resources (aka hours of Googling), and allows you to focus on the important thing: your destination event itself. 

Check out these five reasons for using a DMC to help plan your next out-of-town event. 

Local Knowledge


When it comes to organizing an event in a different city, having someone with local knowledge to guide you through the process and cut through any red tape can be an invaluable resource. A DMC can answer questions you may not have even though of, such as: Which company has the best buses? What performer is available for that special evening? Do you need a permit to hold a picnic in the local park? Every city has little nuances that only locals know, but a DMC can help you navigate through any potential issues before you even get onsite. 

Local Connections

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In addition to having knowledge of the city, the DMC will also have connections with local vendors, which can be a huge asset when planning an event. A reputable DMC will have strong relationships with local venues, hotels, tour companies, caterers and more, which can mean more flexibility, better onsite services and perhaps even better rates for your group. 

Logistics Coordination


Whether you’ve got a group of 50 or 500, organizing transportation, hotel accommodations and meals is tough - especially in a different city. A DMC can take care of all of this for you. They can help you arrange to have a local transportation or tour company transport your group between the airport and hotel and everywhere in between during your stay. The DMC will also be able to help you make hotel accommodations for your group - no matter how large or small - in an area of the city that is best suited to the activities you’re planning to do during your stay. 

Event Planning


Whatever the reason for your trip may be, you’re going to need some entertainment during your stay, and a DMC can help you plan it. Perhaps you’re throwing an awards banquet or a gala; the DMC will be able to organize a fabulous venue, great caterer and entertainment for the evening. Or maybe you’re on a team-building trip. Your DMC will be able to help you find the best places in the city for team-building activities like scavenger hunts, cooking contests or painting classes to help your group learn how to work together better. 

Peace of Mind


Perhaps the greatest benefit of hiring a DMC, is having peace of mind knowing there is someone who knows the city and the vendors that can be your advocate before, during and after your event. The DMC will act as your boots-on-the-ground teammate leading up to the event, ensuring everything is ready for your group before you get there. Once onsite, the DMC will be your point-of-contact if any issues arise and will be able to help you make changes to your schedule if an emergency occurs. Finally, after your event is over, the DMC is still there to help take care of any post-event needs. 

So, the next time you’re planning an out-of-town event, consider hiring a reputable DMC to help you. And if you decide to hold an event in the Hostess City, you can count on Savannah Destination Management Company to handle all of your event needs. Learn more about what we do and what we can offer your group.